We focus on topics that will shape the future success of our region.

With intent, collaboration and context, we hope to create helpful narratives. 


Sarah Binder | @sarahebinder

“I want to see my home state flourish, and I believe the best way to do that is to support entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators – people who are trying to make new things happen.”

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Kiran Sood | @Kiran_Gazette

“Diversity helps us be well positioned to compete not only with neighboring states, but with global competitors. The future of this region depends on our ability to attract and retain people who are different and diverse in all senses of the word.”

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New Urbanism

Ben Kaplan | @benkaplanWCH

“I firmly believe that when cities are designed around people rather than cars we create better, more vibrant, more livable communities.”

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Regional Economy

Brian Morelli | @bmorelli

“Our area has many contrasting components – rural and urban areas, growth and decline, blue collar and white collar communities – and it is fascinating to document what makes the area tick.”

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