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What if we can't fix 380?

There’s no good solution to congestion.

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Six months later: Where are the Iowa Startup Accelerator teams today?

Launch Day marked the end of the Iowa Startup Accelerator’s first class, but in reality, it was just a beginning.


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Pop Up Bike Lanes CR

This Sunday you can check out a live demo of Iowa’s first protected bike lanes.

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What is rational public transit?

In my piece asking, “What if we can’t fix 380?” I talked about induced demand, where if you build or expand roads you just encourage more people to drive. Induced demands works for other modes of transportation as well, notably bike lanes. More bike lanes and bike... read more

What if we can’t fix 380?

Right now in the corridor there’s a push to widen Interstate 380 between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. The cost estimate of widening 380 in the corridor is $170 million. Proponents say this will decrease congestion and reduce the number of accidents. Here’s why they’re... read more

2nd Street SE sucks (and that’s okay)

  Should every street be a great? Can every street be a great street? Nope. Cities need spots that are about function. In Cedar Rapids 2nd St SE beween 5th Ave and 8th Ave is nothing but function. This stretch of downtown is all parking lots, loading zones, and... read more

There’s a new Wellington, but old biases persist

<>This plantation style home on Grande Ave. was recently restored. All photos in this gallery were taken by Ben Kaplan on September 8, 2014. Just Wasson, the President of the Wellington Heights Neighborhood Association, has a great guest post on the Gazette... read more


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