Major collaboration announced for EntreFEST

Although Iowa’s three state schools are frequently cast as competitors, scrabbling for students, dollars or touchdowns, working together for EntreFEST 2015 “just made sense.”


What's next?

A conversation series exploring the factors that shape a startup community. Will we be in a position to support a successful startup world in the next five, 10 or 20 years?


We're Stronger Together

Through Stronger Together, we’re telling the stories of Iowans who are in the working poor. Find out more about these members of our community.


Future cities

Leading thoughts on new urbanism, curated by Ben Kaplan

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Innovation Index

All the latest tech, startup and entrepreneurship news for Iowa’s Creative Corridor.


Community conversations

More than 20 convenings, countless ah-ha moments. Our first year of community engagement and conversations.
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Creating narratives that are helpful in developing our region’s prosperity. We Create Here is a movement, with a mission of collaboration, context and hope for the future.


“Beyond” Is Going Beyond

As soon as we hit send on the invites, RSVPs came rolling in. As predicted when we first introduced the idea, people from all walks of life are jazzed to talk about Mr. Grant Wood. We were also moved to see representatives from The Gazette attend, including Todd... read more

Audrey Boone Tillman’s lessons for life

Be willing to take risks. Perform with excellence. Surround yourself with positive people. Do the right thing. Treat people well. According to Audrey Boone Tillman, executive vice president and general counsel at Aflac, these are her rules for life. Boone... read more

A visitor’s eye on Cedar Rapids

Jim and Lesa Davis of Nevada, just east of Ames, are regulars in Cedar Rapids thanks to the annual high school volleyball tournament at the downtown U.S. Cellular Center. Their daughter is a setter for the purple and gold Cubs. “We try something different each... read more

Beyond the Gothic – Understanding Grant Wood

For as long as I’ve promoted Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas, Grant Wood has been one of my go-to talking points. For newcomers to the area, it was always about the surfaced yet impressive facts that sparked admiration for our affiliation. For example, did you... read more

Through our collaboration with local and national partners, we explore solutions and opportunities in our areas of intent.