Iowa Venture Capital Association promotes collaboration over competition

The IAVCA hopes to give local investors and investor groups a chance to work together on deals, share knowledge and learn together.

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Future cities

Leading thoughts on new urbanism, curated by Ben Kaplan

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Innovation Index

All the latest tech, startup and entrepreneurship news for Iowa’s Creative Corridor.


Our startup community is bigger than you think

Spouses. Artists. Teachers. Nonprofits. Bankers. Startup community is for you.

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We Create Here is a team of community builders and writers, focused on creating narratives that are helpful in developing our region’s prosperity. We value innovation, collaboration, context and constantly learning. 

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Bestseller Seth Godin is EntreFEST’s 2015 keynote

Marketer, entrepreneur, bestselling author, and even action-figure inspiration Seth Godin will keynote EntreFEST 2015, conference organizers announced this morning. Godin is known for writing and speaking on the way ideas spread, the post-industrial world, leadership... read more

Urbanism Blogroll

There’s a ton of great sites on the internet that write about urbanism, urban planning, environmentalism, transportation and other issues that touch on urban issues. Here’s my list of the sites I spend time on, divided into local sites, sites that write... read more

What is urbanism?

Defining Urbanism A city is for people. The purpose of a city is to organize the economic and social life of a community. This may seem self-evident, but for the past seventy years we have been building our cities in a way that doesn’t function well for people –... read more


Sarah Binder

Sarah writes about entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Ben Kaplan

Ben explores new urbanism and how cities work.

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The Gazette Company

We’re part of a local media company with more than 130 years of community commitment.

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