Thoughts after a 30-mile bike ride

The state of roads and trails in the Corridor, as viewed from two wheels.

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Three takeaways from our Innovation Expo conversation

The startup community in Eastern Iowa is ready to swing for the fences.

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Rethinking cities

Ben Kaplan rounds up the best goodreads and longreads on New Urbanism.

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Create your Anamosa works to rev up Main Street

Grassroots community group reimagining the future of one Iowa town


Innovation Index

All the latest tech, startup and entrepreneurship news for Iowa’s Creative Corridor.


Community conversations

More than 20 convenings, countless ah-ha moments. Our first year of community engagement and conversations.
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Creating narratives that are helpful in developing our region’s prosperity. We Create Here is a movement, with a mission of collaboration, context and hope for the future.


Stronger Together Video Diary One

As part of an in-depth effort to understand the root causes, characteristics and solutions to the problem of poverty in Linn and Johnson Counties, the Gazette and We Create Here launched Stronger Together. Our goal is to tell the stories of people living in poverty to... read more

Five Urbanist Goodreads for the week of October 12

  What Keeps U.S. Mayors Awake At Night? – Next City Parse the mayors’ answers by size or wealth of the cities, and answers often align. However, slice by political party and more distinct variations come to light. When asked about their top two challenges,... read more

Thoughts after a 30 mile bike ride

Saturday, October 4th, I went on the Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization bike ride through the Cedar Rapids and Marion metro area. We biked 30 miles, with an 800 foot elevation change, starting at New Bo Market and winding our way through Marion before... read more

ISA Week Nine: The Power Question

Founder of worldblu Traci Fenton spoke to the accelerator teams about fear. Traci says fear, meaning a stiff hierarchy, was how we organized companies in the industrial age but now we’re in a new age – the democratic age. Fear is no longer the way to... read more

Reflections on the Next Gen. Summit

It started with a couple of inspired young professionals witnessing the possible energy and spark by attending events such as Big Omaha, followed by an innocent invitation to others of us in who were hungry to learn more. It didn’t take long for a handful of us to... read more

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