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More than 20 convenings, countless ah-ha moments. Our first year of community engagement and conversations.
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Condragulations Sasha Belle!

Local performer Sasha Belle is heading to RuPaul’s Drag Race. Check out our exclusive gallery.


What's next?

A conversation series exploring the factors that shape a startup community. Will we be in a position to support a successful startup world in the next five, 10 or 20 years?


Future cities

Leading thoughts on new urbanism, curated by Ben Kaplan

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Innovation Index

All the latest tech, startup and entrepreneurship news for Iowa’s Creative Corridor.


Creating narratives that are helpful in developing our region’s prosperity. We Create Here is a movement, with a mission of collaboration, context and hope for the future.


The year in New Urbanism

It’s the time of year where you look back over your work, tie a neat little bow on it and give it back out to the world.  I’ve spent the past year working on the question, “how do cities work?” What were the themes I saw when I dove into New Urbanism... read more

Our year in video

We’ve done a lot of cool stuff this year. We launched the Diversity Data Center. We asked what it means to be Iowan. We curated the best innovation news happening in the corridor. We found the coolest goodreads about urbanism. One of the things we did was bring you... read more

Through our collaboration with local and national partners, we explore solutions and opportunities in our areas of intent.