A conversation with Jeff Speck

Speck is the nation’s preeminent urban planner and is the author of the best-seller Walkable City. So what does he imagine for Cedar Rapids?

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Nerd Heaven

Cities: Skylines has the fine grained control to satisfy urban planning nerds while staying fun.

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Innovation Index

All the latest tech, startup and entrepreneurship news for Iowa’s Creative Corridor.


Future cities

Leading thoughts on new urbanism, curated by Ben Kaplan

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Our startup community is bigger than you think

Spouses. Artists. Teachers. Nonprofits. Bankers. Startup community is for you.

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We Create Here is a team of community builders and writers, focused on creating narratives that are helpful in developing our region’s prosperity. We value innovation, collaboration, context and constantly learning. 

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This weeks urbanist goodreads are about inequality

Economic inequality in the United States has been growing since the 1970s. How does economic inequality effect how our country functions? How does it effect the places we live? This weeks goodreads explore the consequences of America’s inequality. Richer and... read more

Reflections on Startup Weekend Cedar Rapids 2015

You don’t have to be a veteran entrepreneur to succeed at Startup Weekend – this year, top prizes went to ideas pitched by a high school teacher, a caregiver and a journalist (one of my Gazette Company coworkers). PrepIt, CareDrop and Date Brew took third,... read more


Sarah Binder

Sarah writes about entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Ben Kaplan

Ben explores new urbanism and how cities work.

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The Gazette Company

We’re part of a local media company with more than 130 years of community commitment.

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